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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How long will the artwork last? How do I take care of it?

Your floral preservation artwork is made of high-quality, UV and heat resistant resin. It will last forever. To help prevent yellowing of the resin over the years, you should keep your artwork out of direct sunlight. You can clean it with a soft, microfiber cloth such as you would use to clean your sunglasses or tech devices.

How do I package and ship my flowers to you?

You will be shipping your flowers to Ridgeland, MS (the exact address will be provided after you place your order) and we recommend choosing overnight or 2-day shipping. Flowers dry best when they are fresh and happy, so the sooner they get to use the better!

Will you use all of the flowers in my bouquet? What happens to any leftovers?

We generally do not use all of the flowers in your bouquet. Once everything has been dried, we select only the very best blooms to make your artwork. You may choose to send us your whole bouquet or only part of it, but we do not send back the blooms that were not used. If you would like to request that the extras are returned to you, please contact us and we can discuss any additional costs that would entail. OR you can check out our new ornament listing that is a great way to use the leftover bits that we don't use:

Can you use flowers that are already dried?

Yes! As long as your flowers do not have mold on them, we can use them! Please note that we will not accept any flower that has mold on them to protect the health of our team. If we are sent moldy flowers, we will send them back at the customer's expense so please check them carefully before shipping. We offer customers with already completely dried flowers a discount - please contact us for a special promo code for 12% off your order.

How does the payment plan or reservation work?

Any order (payment plan, reservation, or full payment) holds your spot in our production line up. We can only accept a limited number of flower deliveries per month, so we recommend reserving your spot as soon as you can.


The cost of the reservation goes towards the total cost of your order. We will email you an invoice for the balance (order total - reservation cost) of your order. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY FLOWERS UNTIL YOUR BALANCE HAS BEEN PAID. Please do not mail us your flowers until your order has been completely paid off.


Once you place your order, we'll also email you instructions on where to ship your flowers and how to properly package them.

Can I order this as a gift for someone?

Yes! We think giving someone the gift of preserving their precious memories is incredibly special and thoughtful! We will email the invoice to you, and we can send the packaging and shipping instructions to the gift recipient. Please see the full details on gift cards here .